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Mira Gut

Mira Gut is great beach, especially if you are looking for a social day.  The beach is always full of pleasant people.  The beach line can be right next to the road or what seems like kilometers away depending on the tide.  Sometimes it feels like your going to have to walk to Newfoundland to get under the water!  The low water level is great for those who are not really looking to swim, just to cool down and it can make it easy to keep an eye on children.  Their are washrooms and change rooms on site, as well as a canteen in the summer.  If busy, which it often is in the summer months, parking can be a bit of an issue so make sure to get their early or just be ready to walk a bit to get to the beach.

Protip: Jumping off the bridge, but be extremely careful of the undertow (Not recommended for children).

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