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Cape Breton Island is full of fun, I have stayed in many places and did many things. In this blog I am going to discuss some key places to visit.

  1) Louisbourg- Now I am bias to Louisbourg, being from there. However, it is so much fun! You can do hikes, such as the lighthouse trail. It takes you along some amazing coast line, many beaches and some great places to sit and have a picnic! You can also head down to the wharf and watch some locals fish, even join in. My favorite festivity in Louisbourg is Crab Fest! Hundreds of people gather for a crab dinner and mussels and some drinks and dancing later in the evening. It is always a good time for people from the local community and tourists alike. The fortress is amazing, you can buy local bread, made in a brick oven, have food, witness cannon firings, and see how people lived in the 18th century. Also this is a big year, Louisbourg 300!
According to the Parks Canada website ( they describe Louisbourg 300 as "A major attraction that cannot be overlooked is the Fortress of Louisbourg, and it is Louisbourg 300 this year. A big celebration! Get ready for a celebration three centuries in the making! Join us in 2013 for Louisbourg300, a grand fête marking the 300th anniversary of the founding of Île Royale – modern day Cape Breton Island – and its capital, Louisbourg. Special events will be held throughout the 2013 visitor season, so any time is the perfect time to visit!" Also, when visiting Louisbourg don't miss the chance to see Little Lorraine and Main-a-Dieu. Great tiny fishing towns!

2) Margaree- I love Margaree, the awesome river to go fishing in, the tiny friendly towns and awesome scenery. There are some cute farms there that you can check out, some places to go fishing, horseback riding, hikes, or many cabins to rent and have some people out on a deck BBQing and enjoying a cold one.

3) Baddeck- I stayed here alot for work (during the winter months) and it was fun then too! Its a nice little town right on the water. Alot of charm and character. Its a good starting point if you want to do the cabot trail. You can d0 a whale watching tour, get an amazing view of Alexander Graham Bells home, see an island full of birds and get a look at the rich yachts docked in the harbor. Baddeck is great for history too! Baddeck is home to the first powered flight in Canada and the British Empire. There is a museum about Alexander Graham Bell and all his accomplishments that you can visit and to make this town even more fun, there is one of the best golf courses in Cape Breton- Bell Bay. For the avid golfer, this is your town! You can also head to any restaurant or hotel during the evening for some live entertainment and a good brew.

4) Meat Cove- I LOVE MEAT COVE! Its the very top of the island, you really have to go out of your way to get there, but when you do, your mouth will drop with the views. Imagine travelling on a tiny road, over a tiny bridge and then being on the top of the world, this is how it is. Soon as you get there be sure to get out of your car and head to your closest view point (which will probably be a cliff, so dont get too close to the edge) and you will see nothing but rolling hills, deep blue ocean smashing against rocks and the most amazing sunrise/sunset. A must see when you are in Cape Breton!

5) Ingonish- Ingonish has a great beach, the Keltic Lodge (with great food) and local music. Its a wonderful spot to go relax, hike and check out the highland national park. That Park is wonderful! There are natural waterfalls, moose sightings, great hikes, spectacular views and stunning beaches! These are a few of my favorite places in Cape Breton, be sure to check back for live music venues and good eats! Friday, May 31, 2013 Labels: , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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